Mallory’s Story

Mall at the lake

Mallory is my middle daughter and she is 25 years old now. She has one daughter and her name is Adalette. She is now 7 years old and she is very awesome. Being my first grandchild and a first for many, she is very spoiled rotten!


Mallory is in Nursing School right now. She is going to school to become an Abnormal Psychologist. She wants to work with the really disturbed people out there. Same thing I thought about going into when I was going to school and thinking of getting into that field.

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My middle daughter Mallory Raquelle Ann
Mall looking a whole lot like me these days
Mall’s Modeling Pics

Mallory is also a dancer in Indianapolis. She is a very part time dancer because of school and her daughter Addy. The pictures above and some below were her modeling pictures that were recently taken.

(Update)I just added the slideshow after I was able to find the modeling pictures that she had sent to me.

I have a way of losing pictures all of the time. She is now in her final year of nursing school. And is wanting to go to work for quantico one day. She is studying behavioral sciences and just recently was selected as an under study to a psychiatrist who is doing some type of special studies they are doing on kids. I guess her essay was chosen from 3500 students who submitted essays for the position.

So of course I am very proud of her and I hope that she achieves everything that she is wanting in life. She is definitely off to a very good start!


Would you like to learn more about Mallory? Then click below and follow her on Instagram!

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