Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea is my oldest daughter and she is 28 years old now. She has never been married and has no children. She has done things in her life the right way pretty much. She went to college at Purdue University and became a teacher. She teaches high school kids at a charter school in Indianapolis.

Chelsea is right now in Asia living for the next 7 months. Her and her boyfriend Eric will be traveling around Asia moving from different countries such as Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Chelsea has definitely found the right guy for her I believe. As you can tell from the pictures they are both lovers of traveling. I look through their pictures sometimes and think to myself wow these don’t even seem to be real. It’s like an ad for a travel agency most of their pictures. She has definitely went the right way in life!

A quick update on Chelsea’s status. Eric proposed to her while they were living in Asia. She of course said yes, and now we have a wedding planned for October! I am super excited! She is also now writing short stories and has decided not to go back to teaching for now.

They have bought a beautiful 5 bedroom home up in Indianapolis.

If you would like to follow Chelsea and her travels around the world just click on the link below.

Chelsea’s Travel Link Below

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