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“You Bitches Ruined My Life”

By Justin Hurst

You bitches ruint my life.

That’s why, I already have 4 ex wives.

Always wanting to be put first.

Their either starving to death, or dying of thirst.

It’s them bitches first!

You bitches ruined my life.

If you say that you feel like slitting your wrists, they will bring you the knife!

If we say it’s daylight out, those bitches will swear that it’s night!

You feel like hanging with a bro and drinkin a few beers, and suddenly your a damned queer!

Have a bad day at work and feel like going to bed?

Better wake your ass up, cause she’s in the mood to watch the new episode of walking dead!

Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.

She’ll make you want to blow your brains out, or wish you were never born!


You bitches ruined my life.

That’s precisely why, when I kill the bitch, I’m using a dull knife!

You bitches ruined my life,

You bastards ruined my life.

Want to know why you have 4 ex wives?

Cause you spent more money on all your damned knives!

Always leaving the toilet seat up. I might as well go buy a pup.

Yeah, not potty trained at all.

That way he understands, and gets on the ball!


You bastards ruined my life.

If I asked him for a fork, he’d for spite, bring me a damned knife!

I hate when he farts at the table. And lies about mowing, though he’s perfectly able.


You bastards ruined my life.

Should’ve told me our sex life needed some spice.

Instead of cheating with arnolds so called wife!

That shit really hurt, that’s why it’s come to an end.

And next time you put your hands on me or pull my hair.

I’m gonna screw your best friend, over and over, without even a care!


You bastards ruined my life.

That’s why I drugged your ass instead of using a knife.

They’ll never find out why you chose an overdose to die.

Yeah, while I smiled at you, looking you dead in the eye,

You were on your way to hell, without even knowing. So goodbye!

You bastards, you almost ruined my life.

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