Mistaken All Our Lives Part 4

More Strangers Approaching Me

So I am finally back to trying to finish my story that I started a while back now. I apologize to anyone who might be reading any of this for it taking me so long. I have had a couple deaths in our family. And I will start right off with the next woman who I was approached by. And if there is anyone who would like to go back to the beginning and get caught up on what I am talking about, here is the very first story part Mistaken All Our Lives.

Or you can check out Mistaken All Our Lives Part 2, or Mistaken All Our Lives Part 3.


So right after I was starting to get over Covid-19, my daughter comes to my trailer one day to visit. And she is very insistent that I go to Walmart with her. I was not even feeling like getting out and going shopping. I was looking pretty pitiful also! I had been sick for a total of 3 weeks altogether. And it had taken it’s toll on me.

But nonetheless I ended up going with her. She had also just bought a brand new jeep and wanted me to take a ride in it with her. So off we went to Walmart. With me hoping the whole time that no one I knew would end up seeing me in there shopping.

So I was in there browsing through some jewelry when a woman around about my age started to approach me, and she seemed as if she were a little hesitant about it. So she came up and asked me if it were alright if she were to give me a message. She explained to me that she was new to all of this, and that she had actually tried to leave the store a couple of times already.

But she could not do it until she had came over to me and given me this message. So I was like yes that is alright. I knew from experience with the other woman that this was some type of religious thing. Or perhaps you can call it a paranormal event. I am not for sure what I would call it. But she definitely wowed me that day. Now that I look back on it.

She told me that she knew I had had my fair share of trials in my life so far. Basically saying that she knew that I had been through some rough times. I responded with a oh yea! That is for sure! And I basically told her to just look at me and one would be able to see that I had been having it rough. And I sort of laughed. She said yea I am sorry but they are not over yet.

There is more to come, she told me, and then also told me that it would be alright. And that was the message that she was supposed to give me.

She once again apologized to me, explaining how she was new to all of this. But she was trying. And off she went.


When my daughter found me once again, I told her all about the strange woman and the message she had told. My daughter was like wow really? We were both pretty amazed by the woman coming up to me out of nowhere and telling me these things. So I also went home and told my boyfriend all about the woman. Never imagining how very right that she had been!

So the very next day her predictions started coming true. I got a call from my Dr’s office telling me that I had tested positive to the HPV virus. And that I needed to have even more tests done in order to test for cervical cancer. They told me that the strand of it that I had was not the aggressive strand. But nonetheless they still needed to do some tests to be sure that I did not have cancer.

Being that this HPV virus makes you more perceptive to getting cervical cancer I of course went ahead and made the appointments that I needed to make with them. Just hoping for the best. After all didn’t the woman tell me that everything would be alright? As soon as my head had cleared a little from what the Dr’s were telling me I immediately thought about the strange woman with the strange message for me the day before.

Talk about being right on with her predictions! But oh no that was not the end of it at all. I recall that I also ended up having a water leak under my trailer that had cost me about $250-$300 for 3 months. And you have to pay your bill or get your water shut off while waiting for them to adjust your water bill. In situations like my water leak they will adjust your sewer bill for you. But you first have to fill out a water adjustment form.

This form you fill out tells them all about what you know about the leak. And you have to let them know if you have fixed it. And what you did to fix it. Plus turn in any receipts that you may have from fixing the leak. And then you wait.

So I had to deal with that huge bill there for a few months. Which about killed me! I am on a fixed income these days from disability. And so things like that really can mess my entire month up. So then we also had my daughters wedding coming up. And they had even put the whole thing off for a year due to Covid-19. So about 3 days before the big event I had a gnat fly into my eye.


So one would think that would be no big deal right? Wrong. I have never had anything crazy happen with my eyes before. But this time it was a helluva big deal. I tried everything to get my eye better and failed miserably each time. when I woke up the next morning, my eye was sealed shut from all of the gunk coming out of it throughout the night. I took off to immediate care in my hometown.

Praying that they would be able to help me get my eye together before the big day. I just could not believe that this was happening to me just 3 days before the wedding. This wedding was not going to be just some little hometown type wedding. This wedding was going to be taking place at Avon Gardens up by Indianapolis. And me and my mother were having our hair done right there at my daughters house in Indy by a woman up there who had known my daughter for a while. Not to mention that we were also having professional make up artists do our make up for the wedding.

So this wedding was going to really be a big scene, and a big deal. My daughter had been planning this wedding for nearly 2 years and the make up artists and the hairstylist was only a small part of her trying to make sure her big day was just perfect.

There were going to be shuttle buses at the reception just to do nothing more than transport drunken people to and from the motel they were staying at. There were going to be professional photographers and a videographer there to capture every single moment of this wedding.

So as you can probably understand by now how very disturbing a gnat flying in your eye 3 days before the wedding could be!


So anyway I ended up getting my eye pretty cleared up by the day of the wedding. Amazingly. So next on this long list of ominous events happening in my life, was waking up on September 10th, 2021, and thinking that I had plenty of time before the hairstylists would be arriving, to my middle daughter coming into my room nearly hysterical, trying to tell me that my mother (her grandmother) was dead.

And yes she had been all the way right. My mother had died sometime throughout the night or morning of my daughters wedding day.


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