Fillable Lamp Makeover In 15 Minutes

So I was checking out some of the lamps they have for sale on the internet. And OMG! Talk about being pricey. Well at least the ones I was looking at like the one I am posting about.

These things were going for like $135-$160. This is just for the small glass globe lamps. The only thing about them that were special was that you can fill them up with whatever you would like to fill them with.

Here is my lamp after I got done filling it.

So anyways I think I paid maybe $3 for mine at goodwill. And all you have to do is just loosen up a bolt on the bottom of your lamp and open it up.

Then you can proceed to fill it with whatever it is that you are into. Things like seashells, and potpourri, look really well inside these lamps. But you can definitely try probably about anything and make it look awesome.

Here is a picture of the bottom of my lamp, showing the screw that you would take off in order to fill your lamp up.

I have enclosed a couple link’s below to get some Seashells or potpourri of your own. I have also included a link to the fillable glass lamps that Amazon sells. In case anyone out there would like to try their own, and don’t mind paying the bigger price for them. Then there is a link to a cheaper lamp also that I included. So good luck to everyone who might decide to get themselves a glass globe fillable lamp for themselves.

I am sure that whatever you fill it with will be awesome. So have fun with this project and let me know how your fillable lamp turns out! Until next time!

Pictures of seashells, should you decide to get a fillable lamp of your own.
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A bag of potpourri for your fillable glass lamp.
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As an Amazon Affiliate I may make a small commission off any qualified sales on this website.

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2 fillable glass lamps that have seashells already in them.
Shop Fillable Glass Lamps Now!

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