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Hi, I’m Christa, a mom of three grown daughters, and one granddaughter. I am passionate about diy projects, addiction issues, animals, learning new things, and just recently I have become very passionate about God, The Bible, and figuring out the truth hidden throughout the passages! Thanks for visiting and make sure you click on something below to check out some of what I am passionate about!


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What is the book of Isaiah telling us?

So here are some interesting things that I have found while reading the book of Isaiah. I just recently had a friend come over and show me some videos on youtube. These videos were strange noises from the sky that people have been recording and posting from all over the world. So I started watching…

Who is the Lord of Hosts?

Trying to find the truth hidden in the Bible and who the Lord of hosts really is


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My daughters and granddaughter

About Me

Hi, I’m Christa, and I am coming back from being paralyzed from the waist down 7 1/2 years ago due to my drug addictions. I am now trying to spread awareness when it comes to needles and opiates. I started doing diy projects shortly after becoming paralyzed while trying to get my life back together. I had to start over with nothing more than my hospital bed the state gave me and clothes that my mother helped me out with. I did not have hardly any money to get back on my feet and so I became a diyourselfer. Which has lead me to my website here called Addicted to DiY Projects. Learn More

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